At times we go through certain things that we are afraid to tell anyone, not that we don’t want to but who do we tell? Trust is an important factor in any relationship and without it there’d be lack of communication. I for one hate secrets, I hate being kept in the dark and I hate being lied to. Honestly speaking I too have secrets of my own, not that they are really secrets, but only certain people know about certain aspects of my life. My boyfriend and best friend might know almost everything about my life while other people including family may know certain things about my life. Keeping secrets is not healthy at all, but truly speaking some secrets are best kept hidden. In life we face so many challenges and different challenges to be precise and thinking about it we often struggle finding that one person to turn to because we are afraid of being judged or being betrayed. I always struggle with confiding in people and there are certain things that you can’t tell to certain people and I personally feel like we all have secrets. No matter how deep or not so deep your secret is, it’s still a secret and all secrets have a way of coming out.

I thought about how there
are two types of secrets: the
kind you want to keep in,
and the kind you don’t dare
to let out.

Secrets are like scars. The cut may no
longer be there, but the scar’s white
line tells a story. Unless you share it,
it’s like you’re hiding a part of yourself
the whole world can already see. They
may not know the how or the why, but
they see it just the same.
-Robin M. King

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