Is it worth it??

Let’s say you’re in a relationship and your partner cheats on you, how do you overcome that? Obviously nobody is perfect and no relationship is perfect either, but cheating is cheating and how do you honestly get over being cheated on. Being cheated on can literally make you believe that something is wrong with you, you’re not good enough or worse make you wanna change yourself. Thinking about it, cheating is a deal breaker for me, I walk away and I don’t look back. Many people often blame themselves and think they probably aren’t doing something right or there is something they could’ve done to make their partners cheat and truth be told a person can cheat if they want to whether you’re doing something good or bad they’ll cheat if they want to. I would never allow myself to feel otherwise about myself just because my partner cheated especially if I’ve been nothing but a good partner to him, I mean it’s all on him I’ll still sleep peacefully at night, wake up the next day and live my life to the fullest. I know my worth and you too should know your worth. You shouldn’t allow anyone to walk all over you, treat you like you aren’t worth it and make you wanna change yourself. I know sometimes letting go is hard, but at times letting go is the best decision one can make for themselves. Never let anyone make you think you’re the problem when they cheat, they are the problem and they certainly have a big problem. Some people would treat you like a door mat, cheat on you several times and everytime they keep coming back to you, You allow them back. I’m sorry but you’re causing your own pain and misery. I’m not saying don’t forgive, but if it happens more than twice how sure are you it won’t happen again and is it worth your happiness? Being cheated on is not the end of the world and please stop blaming yourselves. If your partner cheats on you and he constantly hurts you, Is your relationship really worth it?

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