In the past few months a lot has happened, and by a lot I mean a lot. Life is unpredictable and truly speaking none of us sit and await for bad things to happen to us. They just happen and you just have to keep going because it certainly shouldn’t get in your way. I had to sit and watch a friend go through the hardest thing ever, which I won’t get into right now. She completely felt worthless and she thought so little of herself after what happened . I can’t exactly blame her, I’d feel the same way after being hurt like that. She thought she was the problem when in all honesty, she definitely was not the problem. Whenever people hurt us we tend to blame ourselves and think we are the problem even when we are not the problem. How people treat you is none of your business and it shouldn’t bother you. When someone hurts you in any way don’t beat yourself up about it, you are still you, nothing changes and don’t let all that pain define you. Yes, that’s how life is, people will hurt you, they did what they had to do and you felt how you felt. Know your worth, know that you are of great value and that God loves you unconditionally. Don’t ever
Doubt yourself or think something is wrong with you just cause somebody else failed to see your worth or even appreciate you and your efforts. Everything starts with you. You have to love yourself first and you’ll actually realise how worthy you are. Nobody should make you feel any less about yourself. You don’t have to seek for validation from anyone, if you’ve got God than all is alright. Be your own person, if you know that your are worth so much than don’t allow anyone to make you think otherwise. The beauty of it all is that, you as a person can overcome anything. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind, heart and soul to it. You are truly worth it dear child…

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  1. It all starts with loving yourself first and not comprising your happiness for anyone not forgetting to mention how you should always put yourself first.
    Nice reads 😊

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